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Recommend Reading for Your Children PDF Print E-mail

1.     Meditation. It is recommended that you should meditate for 5-10 minutes either before going to bed or after waking up. Medication can help raise the presence of mind. Once your mind is at presence, consciousness can be gained. When you have both the presence of mind and consciousness, you will be free of confusion. Once there is no confusion, wisdom which is the “light of life” can ultimately be gained.  

How to use Silicon Acid Fertilizer Manufactured by Fooktien Group Co., Ltd. PDF Print E-mail

Soil pH must always be measured

  • pH below 4 Conditioning the soil using 50 kg of granule silicon acid fertilizer per Rai. Then, mix granule silicon acid fertilizer with chemical fertilizer by 50-50 proportions and then apply in the same amount as when using the chemical fertilizer. This will help reduce the cost of production resulting from chemical fertilizer.

  • pH 4.5-6.5 It is recommended that “Doctor’s Brand” fertilizers are to be used instead.

  • pH above 6.5 Intensive formula or 120% formula is recommended such as 1. 15-15-15 fertilizer, 2. 25-7-7 fertilizer, 3. In the case of rice paddy, use16-20-0 fertilizer and 20-8-20 or 15-7-18 fertilizer for tapping rubber trees.

Project "Na Mo Buddha Ya" PDF Print E-mail

"Na" means Kindness    

"Mo" means Compassion   

"Buddha" means Kindhearted   

"Tha" means   Gladness

"Ya" means Love

         The problem of poverty among Thai farmers in terms of poor living condition, low agricultural production, and  high cost of production today have prevented Thai farmers from being sustainably self-dependence. Fooktien Group Company Limited is therefore highly concerned in supporting Thai farmers by applying the principles of Dhamma in restoring natural resources in order to raise better living condition among Thai farmers. Hence, “Namobuddhaya Project” was initiated. The word “Namobuddhaya” stands for “Na”- kindness, “Mo”-compassion, “Buddha”-kindhearted, “Tha”-gladness and “Ya”love. These meanings are the heart of this project which aims to solve the problem of poverty among Thai farmers along with environmental conservation.


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